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unreasonable expectations

March 31, 2013 Leave a comment

While i’ve conceded good reasons not to identify as a feminist, i’ve taken the position that they don’t outweigh the many good reasons to so identify. The burden falls to me to provide a case in which such reasons do. While i don’t have one for feminism, it is easy to furnish one for another of my own affiliations, and the subtleties segue into a common logical fallacy i’ve been meaning to discuss.

When Occupy was first making a splash, it played directly into my activist sensibilities (i am a radical) and my socioeconomic politics (i am an interventionist), but i relied on several econobloggers to make (more) sense of the web of implications among issues and policies. Foremost among these, of course, was Paul Krugman an economist at Princeton and columnist for The New York Times who spent several of his columns around that time championing OWS and detailing the origins, mechanismspersistence, and precursors of our present grossly inequitable society and dysfunctional political arena, out of which it arose.


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January 15, 2013 Leave a comment

Via Richard Carrier, i just signed Adam Lee‘s petition, and i hope you will, too. Here’s the reason i gave:

I view the deconstruction of stereotypes, the erosion of double standards, the study and owning up to of biases (including prejudices and privileges), and the conscious celebration and promotion of diverse and underrepresented perspectives as a critical focus of the so-called reality-based community, and more squarely within our province than that of most others. It has been disheartening to find such systemic resistance to these goals sustaining the more overt malice against their proponents. However, those at the core of both continue to expose the baselessness, incoherence, and entrenchment of their positions, revealing similarities to other internal conflicts the broader movement has had to outgrow. Being reasonably informed, and thus encouraged, i’m glad to stake my ground.

I haven’t written much upon this issue, though i hope to, but for now i think this pretty well summarizes my take on the whole thing—both the harassment specifically and the denialism that facilitates it.

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