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I am a perfectionist. (Don’t try this at home, if you can avoid it.) Part of the reason for the sparsity of this blog is my intransigence with myself over relaxing the quality of my output in order to allow a steadier, or indeed more timely, stream. Besides my writing being of limited quality anyway, what i most stand to gain from blogging—practice writing and practice stopping—is precisely what i’m forfeiting.

Relatedly, i tend to paralyze my own scribbling by scouring the web for articles and posts and whatnot that already express (more thoroughly, contextually, and eloquently) what i’ve got in mind, and more. I’m left not entirely sure of what i originally had in mind (and what that i remember might be contaminated with others’ writings) and with a ready-tailored excuse for not writing it. Well, there’s a problem here, too, in that not everything written, even in a widely-read place, becomes widely acknowledged, or even reaches its target audience. For me, anyway, discovering that someone has already made a point of mine, while not particularly relieving, is hardly discouraging. If anything, it is encouraging (to my worldview, not to my “success”): It means that more people “get it”. After all, when we think we’re right about something, we should find it irksome, if not worrisome, for no one else to seem to think so…and, conversely, we owe it to others to make validation easier to find.

So, here’s my new tack (Call it a resolution. See if i care.): Daily (OK, maybe bi-daily) posting, with longer threads split into several days as needed. We’ll see how this goes.

Starting tomorrow. Because tomorrow.

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