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Adding intimidation to the code of conduct

I do wonder when The Roanoke Times will allow letters to include hyperlinks, but i can’t really say that i mind waiting. They ran another one, so here it is with sources cited:

Upon reading “Giles Co. seeks to unmask plaintiffs” (Oct. 12 news story), I was astonished by the cowardice of the Giles County School Board, which has now stooped to bullying its own students.

A student and parent have sued the board for violating their First Amendment rights, requesting anonymity over the risk of harassment and abuse. The board objects, claiming no such risk exists. If its own meetings haven’t convinced the members, they might ask the plaintiffs in similar cases in Alabama and Oklahoma, who were assaulted and had their homes shot out and torched.

Is the board so unsure of its case that it would rather intimidate students than stand by its supposedly secular display? Board members publicly insist (as they must) that the display is not religious, contrary to the demands of their loudest constituents. This two-faced sham can last only so long.

Meanwhile, Christian students in Giles are learning that harassment and threats are acceptable codes of conduct.

Those who truly support personal freedom and don’t want government interfering in their private lives need to own up.

I also like their letter editor; my original title was silly. I’m about done letter-writing on this issue, though, i think; it’s gotten so absurd that the fireworks no longer require binoculars.

It bears noting that in Liberty Counsel’s latest legal maneuver, they claim that anyone acknowledging the religious intent of the display “is motivated by a desire to cleanse Giles County of any vestiges of the Ten Commandments.” This would, of course, include School Board member Lewis Webb, and possibly fellow member Drema McMahon, who voted against the revised display on the grounds that it was unconstitutional (respectively, that the suit would likely be lost). Both congratulated the surge in postings of the Ten Commandments throughout Giles County, so it seems strange to describe them as purgers.

So, i’ve reached the point that i no longer support the School Board on the basis that they genuinely care for their students’ well-being and education and simply have a contaminated view of secular government. They clearly could not care much less about this particular student at Narrows, or about any other students who are having their own cultures or identities officially invalidated. For shame.

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